SYNOR 5000-C

Full bench integrated high voltage tester

SYNOR 5000-C is a tester similar to the SYNOR5000-H but integrated in a cabinet that can receive up to 88 switching boards max (i.e. 11 264 points at 500VDC).

It is expandable up to 100,000 points. 

The SYNOR 5000-C is most often presented as the basic main bench (from 13U up to 36U) composed by:

- 19-inch cabinet that can accommodate several racks (for the SYNOR5000-R and SYNOR5000-RS)
- Switching boards inserted in SYNOR 5000-R or RS racks
- Start / stop and emergency stop module
- Mains and electrical protections module

The control PC can be integrated in the cabinet, running Winpass 5000 or Winpass 5000 Premium software.

Several benches can be linked together to form a tester of more than 100 000 points.

Some other test & measurement devices such as LCR meters, power supplies, multimeters, power sources... can be integrated in the test bench and controled by Winpass 5000.

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